Residential Roadway Paving Program: The 2018 Roadway Paving Program will commence, weather permitting, on Monday  June 18th:   Click here for the Project Schedule  -  Click here for Public Informational Notice about the project & construction.

The 2018 paving project was divided into two parts with  two base bids:  Part 1- Rye Beach neighborhood and Part 2- Village Green/Miscellaneous roadways. All Roadways identified in the bids were rated critical.   The City has pursued and received additional funding for Part 1(Rye Beach neighborhood) through the OPWC. The restrictions in place for that funding restrict the city with regard to when the city can award and commence with construction. For that reason,   Part 1- Rye Beach neighborhood will be awarded later this summer. 

  • Resolution 2018-30 adopted on April 10, 2018 awarded the bid to  Smith Paving and Excavating for Part 2:   (Village Green Base Bid) plus Alternates 1(Portland & Brunswick), 2 (Beachside and Gateway), and 3 (Hawthorne, Ironwood, Magnolia, Waterworks) in an amount not to exceed $795,267.75.  

     In addition to the roadways identified in the bid, City Council has authorized 16 additional streets/portions of streets  to be added to the project; which will be done following the original critically rated streets identified in the base bid and alternates; the project will span 2018-2019.  

  • Resolution 2018-52 adopted June 26, 2018 authorizes a Change Order to specify the additional streets/portion of streets that have been added to the project as noted above.  These additional streets added to the project are anticipated to be done after Part 1 and Part 2 of the original bid scope have been completed and may span 2018-to early spring of 2019.

  • Resolution 2018-66, adopted August 14, 2018- which authorizes a bid award to Smith Paving and Excavating for Part 1- Rye Beach neighborhood portion of the 2018 Road Paving Program.  Construction nearing completion.

Main Street Streetscape Project 

  •   Construction complete. 

Fabens Park- Adams Avenue Entrance Improvement

  •  Construction complete.

US6 Corridor Improvement Project 

  • ODOT/City Project to commence in 2019 with Phase 1: area from Williams Street to the Eastern City Limits.  Following an informational public meeting held on November 16, 2017 and comment reports recieved from the public , final design plans have been submitted to ODOT:  Option A:  US Route 6 Corridor -4 Lane Pavement Marking Plan   ( public input recieved did not support  the addition of bike lanes , therefore, plans reflecting current pavement markings were submitted )

US6 -Huron River Bridge Improvements

  • (ODOT/City) Project was re-bid with bid opening  May 18, 2017.  One (1) bid recieved;  Project on hold at this time to be coordinated with the ODOT 2019 project above.

Huron Public Power Electrical Substation 

  • Resolution 2018-5- authorized the design & plans  associated with the electrical substation.
  • Resolution 2018-24- authorized a contract award to PEPCO for substation equipment.
  • Resolution 2018-55-authorized a contract award to Fresch Electric for substation construction.