2015 Capital Projects


Main Street Reconnection Phase 1 & Main St. Streetscape Projects - Phase 1 is complete. The connection is now open.


Showboat Shoreline Improvement Project- Complete.


Needle Ice Ramp (Water Filtration Plant)- Design Stage, in permit application process.


Filter Backwash Pump (Water Filtration Plant)- Complete.


Rye Beach Water Tower Painting- Grant Award notification from Ohio Public Works Commission in the amount of $175,000; agreement from OPWC received and executed.  Design award authorized.  Project was bid out and improved in early spring of 2016.


Oklahoma Area Water Line Replacement & Paving- May 5, 2015: Resolution 2015-43, authorized design of water line and paving improvement of entire Oklahoma area. Water line portion of project will be an assessment performed by property owners.  Design & estimated assessment listing is underway.  Crews have completed survey work throughout the Oklahoma Area.


Fabens Park Stream Restoration Project- Complete. See attached project informational brochure


Fabens Park Trails- Complete.


Fabens Park/Adams Ave Entrance- Design Stage (Resolution 2015-10) Anticipated project for 2016.


Michigan Left (US6/Fabens Park)- (ODOT/City) Design Stage (Resolution 2012-85) Anticipated project for 2016.


Road Paving- Completed.  


US6 -Huron River Bridge Improvements (ODOT/City) Design (Resolution 2014-20)