Street Department

The Street Department is housed within the City’s Public Works Complex. The Department’s main responsibility is to provide the maintenance and improvement of the City’s public streets, storm water infrastructure, traffic lights, street signs, and snow and ice removal.


Contact the Street Department for the following issues:

  • Report potholes and other needed road repairs  
  • Traffic signal is out of order 
  • Report roadkill on a City street  
  • Street sign is vandalized or missing
  • Fallen limbs or trees are blocking the street
  • Street parking questions
  • Report damaged/dangerous sidewalk areas


Any work being done on a city street, private driveway or sidewalk requires a permit issued by the Street Department.  

Driveway, Sidewalks, Trees in the right-of-way: Any work within the City's right-of-way requires a permit. This is not a zoning permit. The application is reviewed and issued by the Street Department. For sidewalks and driveways that are being built in the City's Right-of-Way, use the Right-of-Way Application and follow the instructions on the cover sheet.

To plant or remove a tree within the City's Right-of-Way, use the Tree Planting/Removal Application .  These applications can be dropped off at the City's Finance Department and they will submit them to the Street Foreman for review and issue of permit.  If you have any questions about these applications, please contact the Street Department.



Steve Didelot, Street Foreman

10 Waterworks Drive
Huron, OH  44839
Phone (419) 433-9504     
Fax (419) 433-0525
Email the Street Foreman