Law Department


To provide the highest quality legal representation to the City of Huron and its divisions, within the parameters established by the City Charter, Codified Ordinances and state law.



The Law Department serves four main function:

1) to provide legal advisement to the City Administration, all City Departments, City Council and all subcommittees; 

2) to represent the City in all litigation, including but not limited to representation of the City in all cases as plaintiff or in defense thereof in actions which cannot otherwise be avoided;

3) to research, draft and present all legislation to the Huron City Council, while responding in a timely manner in the form of formal legal opinion;

4) and, to represent the City and the State in all prosecutions brought in the Huron Municipal Court, including round the clock availability to advise the various law enforcement agencies and providing advocacy services to all victims of crime within the jurisdiction of the Huron Municipal Court.