Public Education Programs

The City of Huron Fire Department currently offers a number of educational programs to better prepare our community for emergency events. Many of these programs can be readily modified to adapt to the personal needs of a group, school, or business.


Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire extinguishers are the public’s first line of defense in case of a fire, but only if they know how to use them. This class teaches participants to identify the type of fire, select the correct extinguisher and how to use the extinguisher properly. Evacuation plans and emergency notification procedures are also emphasized. Live fire extinguishment or an electronic simulator is used to complete the training.



Fire Prevention Week Activities in Huron City Schools
This is a children’s program covering: "Stop, Drop and Roll", EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home), "Stay Low and Go", "Smoke Detectors", "Burn Awareness and Prevention", and other important subjects for kids. This program educates children about fire and burn prevention through lectures, demonstrations, slide shows, hand-out materials and active participation.

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Safety Town
The Huron Fire Department participates with the Huron Police Department in this annual summer program to teach safety to kids. Fire prevention and education topics are presented along with water safety, railroad safety and bicycle safety.  Safety Town is held each summer.



Residential Safety Inspections
A residential fire occurs every half hour in Ohio. How safe is your home from fire?  This is a voluntary program that could reduce or remove unnecessary hazards in your home.


Firehouse Tours
Tours for individuals or groups can be scheduled in advance by calling 419-433-3544.

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Water Safety
Our community has miles of water front with varying daily conditions.  It is our goal to educate residents and visitors on the dangers, water safety, beach safety, and what to do in an emergency.

Water Safety Brochure (pdf)  



Holiday Safety

Holiday Safety Tips (pdf) 

Juvenile Fire Setters
Young children are attracted to fire and fire setting. Curiosity about fires is quite normal. However, a child who sets fires may have mental or emotional problems. A trained individual from the Fire Department will interview both the parent and the child in a non-intimidating manner and setting to determine if the child’s fire setting episodes are from curiosity, or from other, more serious, disturbances. Children are approached in a non-threatening, non-intimidating manner. Call the Fire Department for more information.


Knox-Box Residential Program

This program enhances the Fire Department's response times.  A residential Knox-Box not only allows responders to enter a home unassisted, it also prevents forced entry damage and added stress to the patient.  Go to Knox Home Box for more information and ordering. Fire department personnel are available for installation of the box.