Finance and Utility Department

The City of Huron Finance Department oversees the administration and collection of revenues and expenses, the administration of ordinances and state laws applicable thereto, as well as the receipt and safekeeping of all city money, the acquisition management and disposal of real property, fiscal and property accounting, records management, financial estimating and financial planning, billing and collecting.

To establish water/garbage services at your address, you must complete the application below and submit to the Finance Department. Please call the Finance Department with any questions. 


Ohio Open Checkbook



Each quarter, you will receive a yellow bill from the City of Huron for your water, garbage, and stormwater. You can pay your bill by either mailing a check using the pre-addressed envelope, sign-up for automatic withdrawal (ACH), sign-up to pay online, pay in-person at Drug Mart. You may also call InvoiceCloud at (844) 954-0418 for payments over the phone. See the links below to sign-up for these options. 

You may fax this information to 419-433-5120 or scan and e-mail to


An after-hours dropbox located at the municipal building at the Williams Street entrance. You may also pay your bill at Discount Drug Mart on Cleveland Road.


The City of Huron's Finance Department processes billing for water,  residential garbage service, and stormwater management. These services are combined on one bill (on yellow paper) and include the following charges:


The current rates for water service were established by Ordinance No. 2022-55 adopted on November 8, 2022, effective January 1st, 2023. The rate is based on usage ($2.730 per 100 cubic foot of water for residents, and $3.00 per 100 cubic feet of water for non-residents). Every water tap is billed a minimum (shown in the table below). Usage above the minimum is billed at the appropriate rate. The City bills quarterly. The bill is on yellow paper.

Minimum water availability charge by meter size
(per quarter)

Meter Size

Availability Charge

Availability Charge
(Non Residents)

5/8 x 3/4









1 1/2


























In order to comply with federal storm-water regulations, the City of Huron has adopted a storm-water management fee. This revenue source will provide sufficient funding for managing, maintaining, and improving the city’s storm-water infrastructure. This includes efforts such as reviewing storm-water practices on commercial development, street sweeping and providing a robust yard waste program, repairing catch basins and storm lines, and installing new storm-water infrastructure. The new storm-water management fee is being used to help offset the management and infrastructure costs.

  • Residential Single-family and Duplexes: $5 per quarter
  • Multi-family Residential: $7 per quarter
  • Commercial Properties: $10 per quarter

Residents are reminded that they need to assist in keeping the streets clean. City Ordinances state that “No person shall sweep, shovel or pile or cause to be swept, shoveled or piled, any snow, ice, leaves, branches, twigs, brush, grass or other waste upon any of the streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks or other public ways of the City." These items can get into storm systems and cause significant issues.



THE CITY OF HURON DOES NOT PROVIDE OR BILL FOR SEWER SERVICES. Erie County Department of Environmental Services provides and bills for this service separately. If you have questions regarding your sewer bill, please contact Erie County Sewer and Water at 419-627-7638 or visit their website by following this link: Erie County Sewer and Water



Residential Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste collection services are provided by Republic Services within the City of Huron. The current contractual agreement is a 5-year term, commencing on July 1st, 2017. The contract was awarded via Resolution 2017-29. Multi-family and commercial accounts are no longer serviced or billed by the City for garbage/recycling/yard waste services and are free to obtain services from the provider of their choice. 

  • Curbside pickup is provided every Monday citywide. 
  • All residential customers are provided two-wheeled containers: 65-gallon for recycling (blue lid) and 95-gallon for garbage (black lid). You can request a smaller container for garbage by contacting 1 800.234.3429. The carts must be used for your recycling/garbage to be picked up. 
  • Carts must be placed at the curb (with the lid opening facing the street/handles facing the house), no later than 7:00 AM on the day of pickup (Monday). Also, be sure to leave space between carts and other objects. This allows the automated truck access to your cart. 
  • The first Monday of every month, Republic will pickup bulk-items at the curb. This is included in the program at no extra cost. Additional tags are not necessary. See the informational brochure for a list of approved bulk-items
  • Holiday Schedule: Garbage and Recycling services will be provided the following day if any of the following holidays fall on Monday (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day). Holidays falling a weekend will not delay collection. 
  • The program is $65 a quarter. 
  • Click here for the informational brochure on this program.  
  • For billing questions or sign-up information, please contact the Finance Department at 419-433-5000 ext. 3
  • Missed pickup: Email Republic Services at 
Yard Waste and Food Scrap

Curbside Yard Waste and Food Scrap pickup are offered year-round. Containers must be less than 35 gallons and clearly marked "Yard Waste." Biodegradable paper bags may also be used. No container shall exceed 35 pounds. Bundled twigs, sticks, tree trimmings, brush may be picked up as well if bound with twine and not exceeding 4 feet in length. eligible items include leaves, grass clipping, and other landscape materials (excluding sod, dirt, construction debris). Pickup is unlimited as long as no containers exceed 35 pounds. As a reminder, leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste materials are not to be raked, swept, pushed, or otherwise caused to be placed in the roadway or other public way (including sidewalks), per Ordinance 520.10. 

Food Scrap recycling diverts methane producing organic compounds from the landfill to a composting facility. This program offers many benefits including slowing the rate at which the landfill is consumed, reducing the emission of methane into the atmosphere, and producing organic composting materials, which reduces the need for additional chemical soil enhancements. Food scraps can be placed with your yard waste materials. Check out this flyer for more information on food scrap programs and what items can be included


Cory Swaisgood, Finance Director

Email the Finance Department

Phone: 419-433-5000 ext. 3

Fax: 419-433-5120

Finance Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM