Transient Rental Registration Program 

Our offices remain closed to the public; feel free to contact us by phone or email for assistance.  Applications can be emailed, mailed or dropped in our exterior drop box at City Hall (Williams street entrance).  Fees can be paid using MC or VISA or checks made payable to the City of Huron can be mailed or dropped in our drop box.  

The transient rental registration program and the expansion of lodging tax to transient rentals was established by the adoption of Ordinance 2019-33 and Ordinance 2019-34, adopted March 10, 2020 after a full three readings and discussions over the past two years. City Council is currently considering amendments to this ordinance.    Property owners are  encouraged to keep informed by viewing Council Agendas and participating in your local government public meeting process.

The purpose of the transient rental registration program, which  include inspections and annual certification, is to set standards that address public safety issues while providing a revenue source to offset costs related to public safety and zoning enforcement efforts.  The expansion of a 3% lodging tax to transient rentals within the city will be paid directly to the Erie County Auditor's Office.  The Erie County Auditor's Office also requires transient rentals to register through their online portal.  Erie County is already enforcing a 4% lodging tax on all vacation rentals within Erie County and they will collect the City's 3% portion via their online portal for a one-stop shop.  

If you have questions about the Transient Rental Registration Program, please contact the Zoning Department at 419-433-5000  ext. 1302 or email us at  


If you have questions regarding the lodging tax, please contact Erie County at 419-627-7743 or visit their website by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is my rental property considered a transient rental?  "Transient Rental Property" means any dwelling unit, residential premises, or any other residential property being utilized or otherwise made available for rent to transient guests within the city.  "Transient Guests" means persons occupying a room or rooms, dwelling unit, residential premises or other property used for sleeping accommodations for less than 30 consecutive days.  
  2. What do I do next and how do I register?  
  • Review the city ordinances in order to be aware of the requirements and regulations:  Ordinance 2019-33 & Ordinance 2019-34  (These are also included in the Transient Rental Registration Application packet  for you to retain for your information)          
  •  Complete  the Transient Rental Registration Application and submit the application with the fee ( $400 per unit)  to  the City's Planning and Zoning Department (City of Huron, 417 Main St., Huron, OH  44839)
  •  Your application will be reviewed by the Zoning Inspector and you will be contacted for an inspection appointment.  Click here to view the Inspection Report criteria.
  •  Upon receipt of a Passing Inspection Report, you will be issued a Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate which is to be on display in public view on the rental property premises.
  •  Register your Transient Rental property with Erie County in order for lodging taxes (Erie County and City) to be collected.
  • By the 15th of every month, submit 3% of the prior month's collection of transient rental fees to Erie County.  The 3% is in addition to the 4% already assessed on transient rentals from Erie County.   If you have questions regarding the lodging taxes, contact Erie County at 419-627-7743
  1. What is the annual fee for the Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate?   The fees for 2021 are $400 per rental unit and $50 for re-inspections   Subsequent  Annual Fees will be determined by City Council.
  2. How long is my Transient Occupancy Registration Certificate valid?   Your certificate is valid for a  12-month period beginning on the date of application or until a change in ownership occurs.
  3. How can I check to see if a property has registered?    Click here to see the database listing of properties that have registered and the status. *This list will be updated weekly.


Information and Applications:

Transient Rental Registration Application Packet   

Link to Erie County Auditor's website page