Planning, Zoning and Building Departments

Planning and Zoning Department

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for enforcement of the City’s zoning code, review and issuance of zoning permits, management of the City’s Master Plan and Land Use Plan,  plan review for commercial and residential development, property maintenance/code enforcement, contractor registration, and transient rental registration.  The planning and zoning staff provide technical guidance to the Planning Commission/DRB, and the Board of Building and Zoning Appeals

All zoning and building permit applications for properties within the city limits, are submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department at the City, once reviewed and/or distributed to the Building Department, you will be contacted if there are questions and/or when the permit(s) are issued and ready for pick up at the City.  Submit all applications and required plans to the Planning & Zoning office at the city (417 main Street) or via email to: 

Permit fees are due and payable at the time of issuance.  The City accepts checks, made payable to the City of Huron, MC or Visa.

If you have questions, or require assistance and/or preliminary review of an application or project, please contact our office to set an appointment.



Erik Engle, Planning Director  419-433-5000 ext. 1301.  

Jeff Fantozzi, Zoning Inspector  419-433-5000 ext. 1303

Christine Gibboney, Administrative Assistant/Permit Tech  419-433-5000  ext. 1302

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department by either phone or email with any questions: 

P: 419-433-5000 ext. 1302  or via email: 

Fax:  419-433-5120 - Attention Zoning Department


Contractor Registration

 ALL  contractors working within the city limits must be registered.    Prior to the issuance of a zoning or building permit, all contractors on a project must be registered.  A database of registered contractors is below and is updated monthly.   If you are a contractor and need to register, or an applicant needing a contractor to register, use the "Contractor Registration Application Packet" below.  The City will not process incomplete application packets. Registration Certificates are valid for the calendar year.  Contractors can submit renewal applications in December for the new year.

2023 Contractor Registration Application Packet   

2023 Registered Contractor Database (updated monthly)





Any/all work in right of way (ROW) areas including, new/replacement driveway aprons, sidewalks, utility work, trees within the ROW



 Online Portal allows users to look up permits that have been issued, contractors, and apply online for the most common Zoning and Building Applications.  Click here to enter.     You can also download or print off applications below and email/mail them to the Zoning Department  at 

If you have questions or need assistance when planning a project, please contact our office to set an appointment for a preliminary review.  419-433-5000 ext. 1302.


Zoning Permit Applications  *Legal Survey or Plat must be included with applications*

Building Permit Applications

All applications are submitted to the  City of Huron Planning & Zoning Department at 417 Main Street or via email submission to:  * If a project requires a zoning and building permit application, these should be submitted together for processing.

*The City of Huron utilizes the services of Huron Township’s Building Department, which is certified by the Ohio Department of Commerce – Board of Building Standards. All commercial and residential projects fall under the authority of the Building Department.  To schedule your building inspection contact our Building Department directly:  419-433-2755.  


Business/Commercial:   Board and Permit Applications

Permits for any/all Businesses: Any improvements to businesses including but not limited to: additions, new construction,  exterior painting, siding, windows, roofing, parking lot changes, fencing, and signage all require approval through the Planning Commission/DRB before any other plan reviews and/or permit applications are considered.      
  • Set an appointment to review your proposed project/improvement with the Planning Director.
  • Business/Commercial/Industrial Checklist. This list will provide an overview of steps, approvals and permit processes. 
  • Planning Commission/DRB -Commercial Site Plan, Design, and Signage Application: This application incldues site plan, design  and signage applications.   Application fees that apply:  $150 application fee for  site plan review,   $150 application fee for design plan review (exterior design, landscape plan, lighting plan, signage).   $50 application fee for design plan review for commercial signage only.  Legal survey or Plat must be included with all applications.
  • For meeting information of the Planning Commission/DRB, or Building and Zoning Appeals Board, please click here.
  • Following approval at the committee levels,additional plan review fees for stormwater compliance may be required as well as  zoning and/or building permit applications.   Respective permit fees will be applied.
  • Commercial Building Permit Application  Following approval from the Planning Commission/DRB, submit this application and 3 sets of stamped construction plans to the Planning & Zoning Department.


Frequently asked questions.......

  1. Why do I need approvals and Inspections?
  2. How much does a permit cost? Zoning permit fees are set by ordiance:  Zoning Permit Fee Schedule for a list of all zoning permit and application fees. Please do not include payment with your application, we will contact you with fee amount once the permit has been issued.  Building and Zoning Fee Schedule - Chapter 1321
  3. How long does it take to get a  permit? Each project is different. Residential projects are staff reviewed and are usually turned around within a week of complete application submission. Commercial projects are reviewed by the Planning Commission and Design Review Board and are subject to the meeting schedule. Commercial projects may also require internal review, engineering plan review and storm water plan review prior to consideration of zonign and buildng permit reviews.
  4. What zoning district is my property located in and what are my setbacks?  Step 1)  Look for your property on the City's Zoning Map to determine what district you are in.  Step 2) Click on your zoning district below for example site plans reflecting your setback information. * This is a general guide only, other code regulations may apply.  


Residential Rehabilitation Assistance

If you need assistance with your residential repair, you may be eligible for a grant through the  GREAT LAKES COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP:  Residential rehabilitation grant program for residential property within the City of Huron.  Please click here for more information.