Planning, Zoning and Building Departments

Planning and Zoning Department

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for enforcement of the City’s zoning code, management of the City’s Master Plan and Land Use Plan, and plan review for commercial and residential development within the community. The planning and zoning staff provide technical guidance to the Planning Commission, Design Review Board, and the Board of Building and Zoning Appeals. In addition, the zoning department is responsible for the City's property maintenance violations and code enforcement.  To report a property maintenance issue, please call or email the Zoning Department and provide a brief explanation of the issues as well as the property address.  All zoning and building permits are submitted to the Zoning Department at the City, once reviewed and/or distributed to the Building Department, you will be contacted when the permit(s) are issued for pick up at the City.

You can contact the Planning and Zoning Department by either phone or email: 

P: 419-433-5000 ext. 103



Contractor Registration

The City of Huron has a Contractor Registration program effective January 1st of 2017. This program requires that ANY contractor completing a permitted project must first be registered with the City. Prior to approval of a zoning or building permit, the contractor completing the project must already be registered. You can see which contractors are registered by clicking the link below. The table is updated monthly, so it may not be the most current list. If you are a contractor and need to register, or an applicant needing a contractor to register, use the "Contractor Registration Application Packet" below. All applications MUST be complete (application, BWC policy, RITA registration form, proof of liability insurance, and any applicable state licensures). The City will not accept incomplete application packets. 

2020 Contractor Registration Application Packet

2020 Contractor Registration Database


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a permit? Please see "Do I need a permit?"
  2. How do I apply for a zoning permit? The appropriate zoning application must be completed and submitted to the Zoning Department (applications below). The application packet must be complete, otherwise, the city will not accept the application. 
  3. How much does a zoning permit cost? Zoning permit fees are based on the City's fee schedule. Please see the Zoning Permit Fee Schedule for a list of all permit and application fees. 
  4. How long does it take to get a zoning permit? Each project is different. Residential projects are staff reviewed and are usually turned around within a week of complete application submission. Commercial projects are reviewed by the Planning Commission and Design Review Board and are subject to the meeting schedule.
  5. What zoning district is my property located in? Look for your property on the City's Zoning Map. Your parcel should be labeled in conjunction with an applicable zoning district.
  6. What are the setbacks for my property? Zoning setbacks are set by your district. If you know your zoning district, click on the applicable example site plan to determine your property's setbacks:
  7. Permits for  Businesses: Any improvements to businesses including but not limited to: additions, new construction,  exterior painting, siding, windows, roofing, parking lot changes, fencing, and signage all require approval through the Planning Commission and/or the DRB.   Refer to the section COMMERICAL ZONING APPLICATIONS below.  
  8. Do I need a permit to (1) replace my roof, (2) replace my driveway, (3) replace my sidewalk, (4) take down a tree, (5) install or repair a patio, (6) replace my siding and/or windows?
    1. Roof: Roof replacement requires a building permit - Roof Permit Application. Your contractor must be registered with the City and your permit issued prior to the contractor beginning the work. You can check if your contractor has registered by calling the Zoning Department. 
    2. Driveway, Sidewalks, Trees in the right-of-way: Any work within the City's right-of-way requires a permit. This is not a zoning permit. The application is reviewed and issued by the Street Department. For sidewalks and driveways that are being built in the City's Right-of-Way, use the Right-of-Way Application and follow the instructions on the cover sheet. To plant or remove a tree within the City's Right-of-Way, use the Tree Planting/Removal Application and submit to the City's Finance Department. The Finance Department will direct your applciation to the Street Department for review and permit issuance.
    3. Patio: Patios do not require a zoning permit. Decks or any other structure with footings or a foundation DO require zoning permits. 
    4. Siding and Windows: Unless on a commercial project, siding and window replacements do not require a zoning permit. Unless substantial modification, these projects also do not require a building permit. If you have a question regarding this project, please contact the Huron Township Building Department at 419-433-2755. 
  9. What are the restrictions on fences? The Zoning Code limits fences to 4 feet in height in the front yard and 6 feet in height for side and rear yards. There are no setback requirements for fences, so you can build a fence right up to your property line. It's recommended that you have a surveyor locate your property line prior to installation to avoid building your fence on your neighbor's property. Fences do require zoning permits (application below). Also, be sure to contact your Homeowners Association as there may be additional requirements or deed restrictions (disclaimer - deed restrictions and by-laws are not City regulations. The City does not enforce any other regulations other than the City's Zoning Code).


Zoning Permits

A zoning permit is usually the first step for residential and commercial development projects. Residential zoning permits are reviewed and issued by city staff. Commercial projects are reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission and Design Review Board. If you have a question regarding whether you need a permit, you can contact the Planning and Zoning Department or check out this table: "Do I need a Zoning Permit?"

Applying for a zoning permit is easy. See all of the applications below. Choose the one that matches your project, complete the application and submit with all applicable application materials (site plan, any application fees, anything listed on your application). If you're unsure about which application to use, please check out this table: "What Application Do I Need?"

Commercial Zoning Permit Applications:

  • Commercial Site Plan Application: This application is for any commercial or multi-family project seeking zoning approval. This application would cover projects such as new construction, additions or modifications to an existing structure, parking lot modifications, or commercial fencing projects. All commercial zoning permit applications are reviewed by the Planning Commission. There is a $150 application fee for all commercial zoning applications. 
  • Design Review Board Application: This application is for the review of commercial and multi-family projects that are making architectural, landscaping, signage, major or minor exterior modifications, or new construction/additions. The Design Review Board is responsible for reviewing the general design criteria for these types of projects. This application is most often in addition to the Commercial Site Plan Application. Additionally, the Design Review Board reviews and approves all sign applications (so use this application for sign permit applications). The application fee is $50 for minor projects and $150 for major projects. 
  • Sign Application (Design Review Board): This application is for review of new signage or modification of existing signage. The application fee is $50 if separate application. If included in a DRB application for a major project, the application fee is covered in the main DRB application fee. The permit fees are included within the permit fee schedule. 

General and Residential Zoning Applications:

  • Residential Zoning Permit Application: This application is for any residential project (single-family, duplexes, and triplexes). This application covers permit applications for new construction, additions, sheds/outbuildings, swimming pools, and decks/patios/sunrooms. There is no application fee for residential zoning permits. ALL applications must be submitted with a site plan for the project. Applications not including a site plan will not be accepted. 
  • Fence Permit Application: This application for any residential fencing project. There is no application fee for residential fence applications. Commercial fence applications are reviewed by the Planning Commission (see above). ALL applications must be submitted with a site plan for the projects. Applications not including a site plan will not be accepted. 
  • Site Plan Template: Blank graph paper for drafting a site plan to include with a residential zoning permit application. 
  • Lot Split Process: For any lot splits or lot combinations, please use this flyer as a guide for going through the process. 
  • Re-zoning Application: Use this application to begin the process of re-zoning a parcel. Rezoning applications are first heard by the Planning Commission, and then by City Council. 
  • Board of Building and Zoning Appeals (BZA) Application: The BZA hears all appeals of decisions rendered by the city's zoning department and all requests for variances or reliefs from the zoning code. There is a $150 application fee. 

Zoning Fees:

  • Residential New Construction: $100 + $.05 per sq. ft. 
  • Residential Addition to Existing Structure: $75 + $.05 per sq. ft.
  • Accessory Building (Sheds/Outbuildings): If 200 sq. ft. or less, $25. If exceeding 200 sq. ft., $25 + $.05 per. sq. ft.
  • Porch or Deck: $25
  • Pool: $75
  • Fence: $25 + $.20 per linear ft. of fencing
  • Commercial New Construction: $200 + $.05 per sq. ft. 
  • Commercial Addition to Existing Structure: $150 + $.05 per sq. ft. 
  • Parking Lot: $100 + $.05 per sq. ft. of finished surface
  • Commercial Site Plan Application Fee: $150 (All applicable permit fees if project approved)
  • Design Review Board Application Fee: $150 for Major Projects. $50 for Minor Projects. (All applicable permit fees if project approved)
  • Board of Building and Zoning Appeals Application Fee: $150 (All applicable permit fees if project approved)



Building Department & Permits

The City of Huron utilizes the services of Huron Township’s Building Department, which is certified by the Ohio Department of Commerce – Board of Building Standards. All commercial and residential projects fall under the authority of the Building Department.

Building Applications:

Please submit all above permit applications to the City of Huron Zoning Department, Zoning will review the application and forward to the Building Department for processing.  

For Building Department related questions, please contact Huron Township at 419-433-2755 or visit Huron Township's website for information.  To schedule inspections contact the Building Department:  419-433-2755.  

 Plumbing Permits are processed through the Erie County Health Department; vist the  Erie County Health Department Permiting website for applciations or contact them at 419-626-5623 for information.


CHIP Program

Residential rehabilitation grant program for residential property within the City of Huron. Eligibility is income sensitive. Please click here for more information. 


Board of Building and Zoning Appeals 
Set by City Charter and members appointed by the City Council. The Board hears applications for zoning and building variances and provides guidance to Council. The BZA meets on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building-Council Chambers.

  • Frank Kath, Chair
  • JoAnne Boston, Vice Chair
  • Jim Shaffer, Secretary
  • Tom Sprunk
  • Jenine Porter


Planning Commission & DRB 

The Planning Commission and Design Review Board are established to review planning and zoning enforcement within the City of Huron. The Design Review Board is a subcommittee of the Planning Commission established to oversee the architectural and design elements of development within the City. The Planning Commission and Design Review Board meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building -Council Chambers.

  • Gary Boyle (PC & DRB), Chair
  • Bob Howell (PC & DRB), Vice-Chair
  • Mark Claus,  Council Representative
  • Jim Hartley
  • Mark Cencer


Design Review Sub-Committee (DRB) 

DRB works under the direction of the Planning Commission; meets in regular meetings of the Planning Commission and as needed - the first Thursday of the month at 8:00 a.m. in the conference room at the Municipal Building 

  • Gary Boyle, Chair
  • Robert Howell, Vice Chair
  • Jim Hartley