Mayor Sam Artino

99776EA2-58B5-4991-A3DE-E8C132551A99_1_201_a.jpeg          Our community has worked through a significant amount of transition. Major economic development projects have created momentum for further progress. Capital investment into key quality of life assets has built upon our strength as an excellent place to live for our residents. Since having the honor of being appointed to serve as the Mayor by my colleagues and am very excited for the opportunity to lead the City through this transformative time. There is new energy and ideas with great potential. For my term as Mayor, I will be working on three main initiatives: (1) community engagement, (2)   process improvement, and (3) economic development.  

          Community Engagement: one thing we consistently hear from the  Community was a desire to be brought into the process and kept informed. I am working to ensure that the community is kept informed of all issues as soon as possible, and that community input is considered to guide the Council’s decisions and policy direction. Especially in today’s environment of uncertainty, we want the community to know what its local government is working on.

          Process Improvement: As a City, we are constantly working to better understand our existing processes and procedures and explore potential efficiencies and improvements. In public sector management, we are charged with balancing expediency with transparency and public involvement. Successful cities conduct due diligence, engage the public, conduct business openly and in a transparent fashion, and are prudent with resources. We will strive to follow this model for continual improvement.

          Economic Development: I am guiding a process through the Council and the Community to create an Economic Development Plan. Continued efforts to encourage and catalyze investment in our community will only help to ensure local financial stability and growth. The plan focuses on key city initiatives over the short and long term.

          I know these are challenging and uncertain times. It’s yet to be seen how this will shape our world going forward. Funding reductions could result in delayed projects and service reductions or delays. However, I can ensure you that Council and the administration are doing everything in our power to maintain services and financial stability for our community. We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we work to continue to get through this together. I continue to remain encouraged about the city's long-term potential as our local economy and community passion will help get us through. In the meantime, if there is anything the can help with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. My contact information is below as well as any other member of City Council or the administration. 


Mayor Sam Artino