Boards, Commissions and Committees

The Charter and Codified Ordinances establish  multiple Boards and Commissions designed to assist the staff and City Council with the implementation of the goals and objectives of the City. The members of each are appointed by the Mayor with Council approval. Please see the complete list of current membership and brief description of each of the various Boards/Commissions.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can serve on one of these boards, please contact the Clerk of Council at (419) 433-5000, ext 102. Please fill out the following application: Board/Commission Application and return to the Clerk.  Appointments are made annually in December and/or as needed throughout the year to fill vacancies.


Agenda packets, minutes and audio of board/commission/committee meetings are avalaible under their respective sections below.  *To listen to audio you will need install the player; click here to download the player.


2019 Boards, Commissions and Committees

Planning Commission & DRB 

Established by the City Charter, the Planning Commission and Design Review Board  review planning and zoning enforcement within the City of Huron. The Design Review Board is a subcommittee of the Planning Commission established to oversee the architectural and design elements of development within the City. The Planning Commission and Design Review Board meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building Council Chambers. The members serve  4-year terms.  For meeting information contact Christine Gibboney in the Zoning Department.  

Planning Commission Members:

  • Gary Boyle (PC & DRB), Chair
  • Bob Howell (PC & DRB), Vice-Chair
  • Sam Artino, Council Representative
  • Jim Hartley
  • Mark Cencer
1-23-19 1-23-19  
2-27-19 Cancelled N/A  
3-27-19- No Quorum N/A  
4-3-19 Rescheduled Meeting 4-3-19  
4-24-19 4-24-19  
5-22-19 5-22-19 5-22-19
6-26-19 6-26-19 6-26-19
7-24-19 7-24-19 7-24-19
8-28-19 8-28-19 8-28-19
9-25-19 9-25-19


10-23-19 Cancelled n/a n/a



Design Review Board Members:

  • Gary Boyle
  • Bob Howell
  • Jim Hartley
1-23-19 1-23-19  
2-27-19 Cancelled N/A  
3-27-19 3-27-19  
4-3-19 4-3-19  
4-24-19 4-24-19  

5-22-19 Part 1

5-22-19 Part 2

5-22-19 5-22-19
6-26-19 6-26-19 6-26-19
7-24-19 7-24-19 7-24-19
8-28-19 8-28-19 8-28-19
9-25-19 9-25-19 9-25-19
10-23-19 Cancelled n/a n/a


Board of Building and Zoning Appeals 

Established by the City Charter with members appointed by City Council, this Board hears applications for zoning and building variances and provides guidance to Council. Meets the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building-Council Chambers.  The members serve 5 year terms.  For meeting information, contact Christine Gibboney in the Zoning Department.


  • Tom Sprunk
  • Jim Shaffer
  • Frank Kath, Chair
  • JoAnne Boston
  • Jenine Porter
1-14-19 1-14-19  
2-11-19 2-11-19  
3-11-19 3-11-19  
4-8-19 4-8-19  

5-13-19 Part 1

5-13-19 Part 2

5-13-19 Part 3

5-13-19 Part 4

6-10-19 6-10-19 6-10-19
7-8-19 7-8-19 7-8-19
8-12-19 8-12-19 8-12-19
9-9-19 9-9-19 9-9-19
10-14-19 10-14-19 10-14-19
10-28-19WS 10-28-19WS 10-28-19
11-14-19   11-14-19


City Council Finance Committee 

3 council members appointed by the Mayor & citizen members; oversees the finance status of the city and recommends spending habits and revenue streams to the administration.  Meets Quarterly and as needed.  No set terms.  For meeting information contact the Clerk of City Council.


  • Christine Crawford
  • John Jones
  • Glen A. Ginesi
  • Chuck Norton, Chair
  • Larry Leaman
  • Huron City Schools Treasurer
  • Keven Kieffer




5-14-19 5-14-19  
8-13-19 8-13-19   8-13-19
10-7-19 10-7-19   10-7-19


10-10-19 10-10-19
10-21-19 N/A 10-21-19
10-28-19 10-28-19 10-28-19
11-4-19   11-4-19
11-7-19   11-7-19


City Council Safety Committee 

3 council members appointed by the Mayor to discuss and evaluate safety issues in the City. Meets as needed.  For meeting information, contact the Clerk of City Council.


  • Christine Crawford, Chair
  • Mayor, Trey Hardy
  • Rick Schaffter


1-29-19 1-29-19 N/A
6-6-19 6-6-19 6-6-19
7-9-19 7-9-19 7-9-19
9-19-19 9-19-19 9-19-19


Huron Joint Recreation District Board 

Established by Ordinance, the HJRD is comprised of 3 members from the city appointed by the Mayor with Council approval;  3 members appointed by the Township; 3 members appointed by Huron City Schools. One of each of the entities members will be an elected official and serve a 1 year term, the other members serve 2 year terms.  The board helps make policy for the activities of the Huron Joint Recreation District and City of Huron; meets the first Tuesday of each month January-May and Sept.-Dec at 6:30p.m.  Effective with the April 2, 2019 meeting, the HJRD Board meetings will be held at Huron City Hall Conference Room.  For meeting information, contact Patricia Irvin at Parks & Recreation.


  • Tim Golling, Chair
  • Tom Solberg Jr.
  • Vacant
  • Rene Franklin
  • Gordon Hahn
  • Jennifer Kilbury
  • Julie Spitzley
  • Jody Mast
  • Joe Dike
Jan.-cancelled n/a  
2-5-19 2-5-19  
3-5-19 3-5-19  



10-1-19 Cancelled N/A N/A
11-5-19   11-5-19


City Council Economic Development Committee

Established by Ordinance and  recently amended (Ordinance 2017-17) to address the composition of members and function; this committee has eight members:  Council member serving on the Planning Commission, Council member serving on the Finance Committee, President of the Huron Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Board of Education, Dean of BGSU Firelands and three citizen (resident) members.  Members serve at the pleasure of City Council, there are no set terms. Meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month at 4:30p.m. in the small conference room at City Hall.  For meeting information, contact the Clerk of City Council.


  • Glen A. Ginesi, Chair
  • Sam Artino
  • Amy Roldan (designee for the President of the Chamber)
  • Jodi Mast
  • Andrew Kurtz
  • Maureen Engeler
  • Tim Parkison
  • Dennis Velliquette


2-5-19 2-5-19  
3-5-19 cancelled N/A  
4-2-19 4-2-19  
4-22-19 4-22-19  
5-7-19 5-7-19  
6-4-19 6-4-19 6-4-19
7-2-19 7-2-19 7-2-19
8-6-19 8-6-19 8-6-19
9-3-19 9-3-19 9-3-19
10-1-19 10-1-19 10-1-19
11-5-19 Cancelled N/A N/A
12-3-19 12-3-19 12-3-19


Huron Joint Port Authority 

Appointed by the Mayor with Council approval and set up by Ordinance; established jointly with Huron Township and directs port activities, with powers set forth in the Ohio Constitution.  3 City, 3 Township, 1 Joint Appointment.  Meets as needed.  For meeting information, contact the Huron Joint Port Authority.


  • Tom Solberg, Jr., Secretary
  • Pete Landino
  • Gordon Hahn
  • Bob Williams (J), Treasurer
  • Bob Barnes
  • Rob Moore, President
  • Joe Dike, Council member

All correspondence for the HJPA should be mailed to:  Huron Joint Port Authority, Attn:  Bob Williams, PO Box 306, Huron, OH  44839.


Income Tax Board of Review 

Appointed by the Mayor with Council approval and set up by Ordinance; established to hear appeals regarding income tax issues and meets as needed.


  • Pat Deville
  • Rhonda Watt
  • Terry Griffith


Huron Rescue Squad Trust Fund 

Oversees the spending of the Rescue Squad Fund, meets annually and/or as needed to review yearly budgets and expenses


  • Andy White
  • Bob Boos
  • Trey Hardy


Personnel Appeals Board 

Reviews personnel appeals to actions, and meets as needed.


  • Pat Deville
  • Terry Griffith
  • Bob Kelsey


Erie County Council of Governments 

Meeting are held on the "5th Monday months."


  • Joe Dike (P)
  • John Jones (A)


Coastal Resources Advisory Council                

Member: Jack Arthur


Erie County Board of Health                                   

Member: Larry Leaman


Medical Director                                                          

Member: Dr. Patrick Tupa


Scott Cemetery Board                                                 

Member: Glen A. Ginesi


Volunteer Firefighter Dependents Fund                   


  • Trey Hardy
  • Councilman Rick Schaffter
  • FF Nick Thaxton
  • FF Peter Zimmermann
  • Joint Appointee:  Dennis Antonelli


Enterprise Zone Committee                                        


  • Trey Hardy (P)
  • Glen A. Ginesi (A)


County MPO Committee                                            


  • Trey Hardy  (P)
  • Glen A. Ginesi  (A)


Huron Chamber of Commerce 

Council's representative to the City's Chamber to act as the liaison between the functions; meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.

Member: Trey Hardy


AMP-Ohio Environmental Stewardship Committee 

Reviews the stewardship priniciples and discusses ways to measure community and AMP-Ohio progress toward meeting them; meets quarterly as needed.

Member: Joe Dike


Sewer Monitorning Advisory Committee   

(Members established per agreement  City/Erie County)                                


  • Mayor, Trey Hardy
  • Andy White
  • Cory Swaisgood, Finance Director
  • Vice Mayor, Glen A. Ginesi


Tax Incentive Negotiating Review Committee                              


  • Trey Hardy  (P)
  • School Treasurer
  • Glen A. Ginesi  (A)


Liaison to School Board

Member: Christine Crawford