7-29-20 Rye Beach Park Storm Sewer Project

2-21-20 ERI-6-17.70 Rebid - U.S. Route 6 Bridge Improvements (No Bid Award)

2-21-20 ERI-6-17.49 - U.S. Route 6 Paving Project


Bid Tabs

Bid Tab - Rye Beach Park Storm Sewer Project

Bid Tab - ERI-6-17.49 - U.S. Route 6 Paving Project

Bid Tab- Water Treatment Plan Improvements (Rebid)



1-09-20 Water Treatment Plant Improvements (Rebid) (Addendum I, Addendum 2)

11-8-19 Waterfront Development Opportunity RFQ

10-17-19 Water Treatment Plant Improvements ( Addendum 1Addendum 2Addendum 3)


Bid Tabs


Bid Tab- Wheeler Drive Culvert Replacement Project



Bid Tab 69kV Substation Construction Package for Huron Public Power

2018 Paving Program- Part 1

2018 Paving Program - Part 2

Bid Tab 69k-V Substation Equipment Package for Huron Public Power



7-20-17 Adams Avenue Entrance Project

6-27-17 Fabens Park Shelter Bldg.  Project-RFP

6-1-17 Needle Ice Ramp and Coastal Revetment

5-18-17 Re-Bid US Route 6 Bridge Improvements

US Route 6 Bridge Improvement ERI US 00617.70 Phase1  (NO BIDS RECEIVED)

Oklahoma Subdivision Improvement Project.  Project awarded March 14, 2017:  Resolution 2017-17.


10-6-16 Fabens Park Ball Field Fencing

9-16-16 Lakefront Park EPA Green Infrastructure Project

9-16-16 Fabens Park Ball Field Fencing.  NOTE:  No bids received; project will be re-bid begining

8-19-16 Fabens Park Michigan Left (ERI-6-16-73)

6-30-16 Main Street- Streetscape Project

6-10-16 Clock Tower Foundation Project

5-25-16 Fabens Park Michigan Left ERI 6-16-73 Note:  Bids exceeded 10% of engineer's estimate.  No bid awarded.

4-29-16 RFQ- Engineering, Construction Management, Inspection Services

3-24-16 Clock Tower Project

4-1-16 Rye Beach Elevated Water Storage Tank Painting Improvement


9-18-15 Fabens Park Stream Restoration Project

7-23-15  RE-Bid Reconnection of Main Street Phase 1

4-22-15  Reconnection of Main Street, Phase 1

4-22-15 Shoreline Improvements at Showboat Property

4-1-15 Fabens Park Trails Project