Development Incentives

The City of Huron is dedicated to its businesses and wants to help them grow and succeed. Read below for reasons you should consider moving to Huron! 



The City of Huron offers assistance in the planning, development and financing of appropriate commercial, retail and industrial projects and related activities throughout the city.   The Enterprise Zone Program, available on a county-wide basis, is a program in which the level of tax abatement is negotiated between public and private entities.  The amount of tax relief depends upon the economic impact the proposed project would bring to the area.  The program focuses upon either the expansion of existing businesses or the start up of a new business.  Considerable emphasis is placed upon job retention and / or creation.



Local development has been carefully guided by Huron’s administration. A zoning program has been implemented, and groups such as the Huron Economic Development Committee and Chamber of Commerce have supported the reservation of industrial tracts. In addition, the creation of the Huron Joint Port Authority has helped to ensure that the local harbor facilities can be developed to their maximum potential. The Port Authority continues working to create additional uses of the harbor in an effort to stimulate waterborne commerce in the community.  They have recently completed a Port Master Plan that will serve as both a guideline and a marketing tool for future port development. 



The City of Huron offers electricity as a municipal utility to its businesses, allowing them to cut down on overhead costs.