ATTENTION:  Important Notice Regarding Your Recycling and Waste Service




Effective January 1, 2024, the City will be charging a total of $297.84 for the garbage fee on your property tax bill ($148.92 per half) in 2024. The City plans to include the garbage fee on the property tax bill going forward, which will align with Republic Services’ contracted rates. Please contact the City Finance Department with any questions at

Things to be aware of as the garbage fee moves to your property tax bill:

  • Your quarterly water bill will not include a garbage fee beginning with the December 2023 water bill.
  • You will notice a garbage assessment, like street lighting, on each property tax bill beginning with the first tax bill in 2024.
  • If you have an escrow account with your home mortgage, your bank will make an adjustment to your monthly mortgage payment, typically occurs once a year, to add the garbage fee to your payment. The increase will be just under $25 a month in 2024. Escrows typically have a reserve balance to cover short-term increases, like an assessment.
  • The garbage fee will be attached to the property owner going forward, not an individual residing in the residence. Property owners with renters will need to consider passing the charge to the renter through their monthly rent charges. The garbage fee will increase 5% per year with the current contract for the next three years.

Multi-family and commercial accounts are not serviced or billed by the City for garbage/recycling/yard waste services, and are free to obtain services from the provider of their choice. 

Program Basics:

  • All residential customers are provided two wheeled containers: 65-gallon for recycling (blue lid) and 95-gallon for garbage (black lid). You can request a smaller container for garbage by contacting 1-800.234.3429. The carts must be used for your recycling/garbage to be picked up. 
  • Curbside pickup is provided every Monday citywide. 
  • Carts must be placed at the curb (with the lid opening facing the street/handles facing the house), no later than 7:00 AM on the day of pickup (Monday). Also, be sure to leave space between carts and other objects. This allows the automated truck access to your cart. 
  • Yard Waste collection is unlimited and is provided every Monday all-year round. Yard waste containers must be clearly marked (words "Yard Waste" or in lawn/leaf bags). Yard Waste containers cannot exceed 35 pounds. 
  • The first Monday of every month, Republic will pickup bulk-items at the curb. This is included in the program at no extra cost. Additional tags are not necessary. See the informational brochure for a list of approved bulk-items. 
  • Holiday Schedule: Garbage and Recycling services will be provided the following day if any of the following holidays fall on Monday (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day). Holidays falling a weekend will not delay collection. 
  • Click here for the informational brochure on this program.  
  • Missed pickup: Please call Republic at 1 800.234.3429.
  • For billing questions or sign-up information, please contact the Finance Department at 419-433-5000 ext. 3
Yard Waste and Food Scrap

Curbside Yard Waste and Food Scrap pickup are offered year-round. Containers must be less than 35 gallon and clearly marked "Yard Waste." Biodegradable paper bags may also be used. No container shall exceed 35 pounds. Bundled twigs, sticks, tree trimmings, brush may be picked up as well if bound with twine and not exceeding 4 feet in length. elligble items include leaves, grass clipping, and other landcsape materials (excluding sod, dirt, construction debris). Pickup is unlimited as long as no containers exceed 35 pounds. As a reminder, leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste materials are not to be raked, swepted, pushed, or otherwise casued to be placed in the roadway or other public way (including sidewalks), per Ordinance 520.10. 

Food Scrap recycling diverts methane producing organic compounds from the landfill to a composting facility. This program offers many benefits including slowing the rate at which the landfill is consumed, reducing the emission of methane into the atmosphere, and producing organic composting materials, which reduces the need for additional chemical soil enhancements. Food scraps can be placed with your yard waste materials. Check out this flyer for more information on food scrap programs and what items can be included

Fall Leaf Pick Up Information


  2021 City of Huron Leaf Pickup Program                     


Returning this fall, the City of Huron is continuing its leaf pickup program from last year to offer two (2) methods for leaf picku

 Method 1 – bagged curbside pickup: All city residents that receive services from Republic have access to unlimited weekly yard waste collection, including for the fall leaf season. Residents can continue to bag leaves and place at the curb for weekly pickup. The leaves will need to be in cans (marked yard waste) or yard waste paper bags. Cans and bags can contain any acceptable yard waste materials.


Method 2 – automated curbside leaf pickup: The city is offering an additional program this fall. Residents are permitted to place leaf piles at the curb to be picked up by the city’s Street Department. The leaf pickup program will begin on Monday, Oct. 25th. The leaf collections will be done on a rotating basis from east to west with at least two trips throughout the city. The final date will be Friday Dec. 3RD

When utilizing method 2, please adhere to the following guidelines:

·         Leaf piles must be placed within 6ft. of the curb

·         Pickup is for leaves only - no sticks or other yard waste materials are permitted

·         Do not place leaves in the street or behind parked vehicles – they will not be picked up

·         Piles of leaves that fail to meet these guidelines will be painted with an X and won’t be collected


If you have any questions about the process, please contact the City of Huron’s Street Department at (419) 433-9504.



Garbage and Recycling Collection


As a reminder, please review the following guidelines for the city’s weekly garbage, recycling, and yard waste curbside collection program (Chapter 931 of the city’s Codified Ordinances):


·         All containers must either be stored inside or at the rear of the building (except for the designated pickup date). Containers cannot be stored on the side or front of a building.

·         Containers shall be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM on the designated pickup date

·         Any refuse must be placed within the provided container in order to be picked up (excluding bulk pickup items)


If you have a question regarding the garbage and recycling program, please contact Republic Services at or call 1-800-234-3429.


Residents are reminded that leaves are not to be raked into the roadway.  This is a violation of the City Ordinances, Section 521.10, which reads “No person shall sweep, shovel or pile or cause to be swept, shoveled or piled, any snow, ice, leaves, branches, twigs, brush, grass or other waste upon any of the streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks or other public ways of the City.  Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.”