The Street Department is responsible for the road maintenance in Huron. Projects include black topping, crack sealing and concrete repair. In addition to road maintenance, the Street Department also takes care of traffic lights, operates the street sweeper, mowing along roadsides and the highway, clean and repair of catch basins, maintains and replaces street signs as needed, paints stop bars and curbs throughout the city, and has primary responsibility during snow and ice removal operations.


Here are reasons you may consider
contacting the Street Department:

Report potholes and other needed road repairs.  

Traffic signal is out of order 

Road kill on a City street  

Street sign is vandalized or missing

Fallen limbs or trees are blocking the street

Street parking questions

Report damaged/dangerous sidewalk areas



Any work being done on a city street, private driveway or sidewalk requires a permit issued by the Street Department.  Contact the Street Department with any questions.

Street Opening /Right of Way Application

Click here to download application




Steve Didelot, Street Foreman

10 Waterworks Drive
Huron, OH  44839
Phone (419) 433-9504     
Fax (419) 433-0525
Email the Street Foreman