Main Street Streetscape Project - Bid awarded on July 12, 2016 (Resolution 2016-53) to Ropper Construction Inc.  Main Street Streetscape Plan page 1      Main Streetscape Plan page 2 

Project Schedule:

Oklahoma Area Water Line Replacement & Paving- Project was awarded to Buckeye Excavating and Construction on March 14, 2017 (Resolution 2017-17).  The project bid came in well under the engineer's estimate of the project (Engineering Estimate was $1.4million) Buckeye's bid was awarded at $1,067,775.00.  The estimated water line assessment portion of the project reflects the decrease and the revised assessment estimate to property owners is now $5,877.00.  City Administration and City Council continue to discuss the consideration to offset or forgive the assessment to property owners.  The actual final cost will not be known until the project has been completed.  The final decision and formal legislation from City Council on the determination of any offset or forgiveness would be expected after the final cost is known.

Project Schedule:  

                       Monday, 8-14,  starting at Taylor from Adams to railroad tracks, then Wilder from Taylor to Wilbor intersection.

                       Remaining asphalt drive aprons will also be top coated

                       Tuesday, 8-15, Wilbor and then Scott

                       Wednesday, 8-16,   South Taylor and then Center

Roadway Paving Program- anticipated to be bid out early 2018 with contract award in early spring 2018.  Roads to be paved TBD.

US6 -Huron River Bridge Improvements (ODOT/City) Project was re-bid with bid opening  May 18, 2017.  One (1) bid recieved;  Project on hold at this time.

US6 Corridor Improvements - ODOT resurfacing anticipated 2018. City commissioned full scale traffic study (Resolution 2016- 21, adopted March 8, 2016) of the US6 corridor from the entrance of Fabens Park on the west to the city limits on the east. OHM has completed report, made presentation to City Council, design plans underway.

Fabens Park- Adams Avenue Entrance Improvement -  Project awarded July 25, 2017  (Resolution 2017-56); project anticipated to commence in the near future.

Needle Ice Ramp & Shoreline Improvement- Water Filtration Plant - Bid awarded on June 13, 2017 (Resolution 2017-45). Project underway.


Click here to view the MASTER PLAN.  The Master Plan was supported & recommended for adoption by the Planning Commission, and formally adopted by Huron City Council on October 23, 2012 by the adoption Ordinance of 2012-44. Hard copy Master Plan booklets are available for viewing at City Hall and at the Huron Public Library.